Prevent drying and breakage

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Heat styling at products containing alcohol should not be used. This prevents further damage to the hair and also loosens up the hair and uncoils it. Massaging with a good hair oil everyday with the finger tips or a brush which is gentle is recommended. These only make the hair dry and cause severe breakage. Which implies that a single strand of hair twists itself with the adjacent strand which in turn twists itself with the strand next to it and so on until all hair appear to be coiled together. Drinking a lot of water is also the best way to keep hair healthy. Understanding the structure of hair is important to understand which Black hair care products are best to be used for taking care of it. Preventing the hair from tangling naturally while sleeping can be done using a scarf, using a pillow cover made of satin, or tying plaits or braids and wearing a scarf over it. The scarf will help the hair from rubbing against the pillow cover made of cotton. Primarily, all hair comprise of the following elements: The outermost layer is called a cuticle, The middle layer is called a cortex, The pigment that adds colour to the hair is melanin, Before a strand grows from the epidermis of the scalp it is called a follicle, Glands that produce oil and sweat are called sebaceous and soporiferous glands. Curly hair essentially Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryers Suppliers in China is slight wavy to tightly coiled hair.curls. Besides using good quality Black Hair Care Products, one must also take care to have a healthy diet of vegetables and fruit on a regular basis. A leave-in conditioner is the best choice to prevent drying and breakage. Usage of oil that is natural is always advisable as opposed to products containing petroleum which only cause pore clogging. Never use the finger nails to massage the hair, this cause severe damage to the scalp. Massaging aids in circulation of blood and also provides a boost to the oil produced by the oil and sweat glands. Air drying is the best way to maintain moisture in the hair. Exercising results in sweating hence always rinse or lightly wash the hair to remove the sweat.

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